We see our farm as an ecological system—our partners collaborate to close loops, share resources, and grow the regenerative agriculture movement together. Our farmers produce in a way that nurtures the soil and our local SA community. Compost Queens finishes that cycle through their residential, commercial, & event composting services and brings SA's organic waste to our farm to start the cycle all over again. 


Our mission is to empower local farmers, minimize GHG emissions, protect our soils, and provide healthy food to our community. More than that, it is our mission to educate our community about the interconnectedness of these goals so that we may inspire the holistic changes our city needs in order to create a more sustainable future.


Our Story

My French husband, Sylvain, and I met in the south of Thailand, where we lived on the beach, farmed in the sand, and lived off-grid for many years. We arrived in San Antonio, my hometown, in 2015 with the dream of sharing our knowledge on sustainable living and agricultural methods. For 3 years we lived in a camper on a friend's land and started a Permaculture Project known as Talking Tree Farm. In 2019, when our son was born, we transitioned the farm to the land we bought in Schertz, Texas. Our project grew when our daughter was born in 2021 & is now land shared with 8 like-minded, small, local, agricultural business owners. The farm produces fresh vegetables, fruit, honey, duck & chicken eggs, compost, heirloom open-pollinated seeds, cut-flowers, & herbal teas. Providing quality food & value-added products to the community is something we are all proud of, but teaching is something we are all passionate about! For Sylvian & Sarah, Talking Tree Farm (TTF) is a collective of farmers dedicated to sustainable, regenerative methods, and balanced ecosystems. The mission of TTF is to teach communities of the hope, power, and abundance of nature derived from good stewardship of the earth. 

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6250 Pfeil Rd.

Schertz, Texas 78154

Check out our agritourism events, classes, & offerings if you would like to visit the farm!


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